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Our Team

We are fortunate and grateful to have such a diverse and eclectic team of wine nerds that love getting messy in the winery and slinging around bottles of wine in the tasting room. 

Come see for yourself!

Jared J Rallison
Owner / Winemaker 

Jared  is the owner and winemaker for J Rallison Cellars. He has spent over 20 years making sure that he and his team produce the very best wine and provide service that is sure to please,

Les Swenson
Assistant Winemaker

Les "1" has been working in the winery for J Rallison for almost 10 years.  Its a team effort  here and we lean on each other keep the quality high.

Les Lukacs
Tasting Room Manager

Les "2" has a tremendous amount of wine knowledge.  His impeccable service and expertise is key to a great tasting room experience.

Kerry Penn
Tasting Room Associate

Kerry comes to us with many years of experience on the other side of the tasting bar.  He will give you amazing service with an added joke or two to keep you coming back for more.